There is a birthday today

Today is my wonderful friend and fellow artist kglittlespace's birthday!

Can ya’ll do me a favor and go say Happy Birthday to her?

She deserves the loving.


"Nobody knows it 
but you’ve got a secret smile

And you use it only for me”

 - Touch / Sight ( full view ) 

Follow up of the “Lost in translation” AU (x). I’m slapping myself in the face bc i’ve known this song for so long but was it untill today that i realized it’s soumako level. hahaha, anyway, enjoy :) 


October 18 2014 {♥ 819}


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October 17 2014 {♥ 391}


Ohh my gosh!! I am so proud of you!! Good job! Congratulations! Asgdjdndkl i hope everyone goes well now since you got into your #1 school. I hope the school/school mates will be good to you!
— asked by sweet-dalian

Thank you so much I appreciate it! I hope things go well for you as well!


October 17 2014 {♥ 2}

It's Liz, Beth, LizBeth or Lizzie?
— asked by Anonymous

Ahaha … that’s a good question.

I prefer Beth or Elizabeth. I’m not a big fan of Liz or Lizzie.

But you can call me anyone I don’t mind.


October 16 2014 {♥ 3}

Hey awesome job on the college acceptance!! You're gonna do great! I know how hard it is with all the application process, and I haven't been on your blog for too too long but you seem like a really amazing person. I wish you the best and hope it turns out as good as and even better than you've imagined!! ( ^ω^ )
— asked by Anonymous

Aalskdjfaskdjf … you are too nice. Why do I have the anon option on I want to know who you people are so I can hug you and stuff!

Thank you so much. Just your interest in my stupid life means a lot to me! I hope things turn out good too … for not only me but you guys as well.


October 16 2014 {♥ 4}

Good News

Do you guys remember how I had applied to transfer to my #1 school?
Well after a years worth of hard work and two previous unsuccessful applications things finally paid off …


This is such a relief for me you guys it really is. My efforts for the past year have been for this.
Now I will be living closer to my family and I’ll be closer to getting the career I want (animation)

Just … yeah … now I really want to draw or eat something to celebrate.


Thank you for following me. Thank you for reblogging from me. Thank you for liking my posts. Thank you for sending me nice messages. Thank you for staying followed to me. Thank you for making my Tumblr experience amazing. Thank you.

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This is a Happy Birthday gift for my beautiful younger sister zzxya … she wanted a colorful drawing of Eren. We both love this outfit so I decided to draw that for her.

Hope you had a good birthday you old fart.

I totally love your drawings!!! :D
— asked by id-rather-be-anywhere-but-with-u

Ahhh thank you deary. I’m going to hug you now …


October 13 2014 {♥ 4}


Far too many times have I seen posts and comics that have a similar subject but end with “lol quitting art 4ever” when they see a good artist who is younger than themselves. When in reality it only means that you can learn from this person!

I should have been studying for a test … but this happened.

It’s weird because as I was making this picture a post was going around about these two being alone in official art.
I assume these two would be pretty comfortable.

(be sure to click the images for better quality)




Uahh here’s the full image from this post that I forgot to upload aha;;

The first art that comes to mind is the redraw you of Nagisa offering Rei that pastry thing when we got the season 2 trailer. I loved the lighting and it was just so pretty. But I also think your style is very recognizable c:
— asked by quidditchchick004

Oh yes that one! I still wonder sometimes how I made that. It just kind of … happened. Heh but thank you so much you guys are too kind to me

I appreciate the comment and again, I’m glad I have a recognizable style!


October 08 2014 {♥ 4}